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Why Do I Need to Flush My Water Heater?

Posted on 12.05.2023 in

Most water heaters manufactured in the past few decades are highly reliable — and that can lull homeowners into a false sense of security. Even though your unit is likely dependable, you still need to maintain it periodically to prevent premature degradation and ensure you get the longest service life from the system.

In addition to routine inspections, you should make sure to flush your water heater regularly to keep the system running strong.

Why Water Heaters Need to be Flushed

Why Do I Need to Flush My Water Heater?

Over time, sediment builds up in your water heater tank with regular use. Flushing that sediment comes with benefits, including:

In short, flushing your water heater tank is essential for keeping the unit functioning efficiently and safely over time.

Why Does Sediment Build Up in a Water Heater?

Sediment buildup comes from the use of hard water in the tank. Hard water is full of minerals — and things like rust, sand, silt, or dirt — that collect and settle at the bottom of your tank, creating more problems as it continues to build up.

Signs Sediment has Started to Build Up in Your Water Heater

If you’re seeing any of these signs from your water heater, it’s past time for a flush, and you may even need repairs depending on the extent of the issue:

Any of these problems can spiral out of control quickly, call IAQ Medics for water heater services, including inspection, water heater repair, or water heater replacement.

How Often Should I Flush My Water Heater?

You should ensure your water heater is flushed at least twice per year, but it may require more attention if your water is particularly hard. To make the entire process simple and worry-free, consider a maintenance plan from IAQ Medics.

We’ll perform the maintenance you need to prevent avoidable plumbing emergencies, including water heater maintenance with flushing.

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It’s never too late to start regularly flushing your water heater, and having it professionally maintained is an excellent way to increase peace of mind and reduce the money you spend on repairs over the life of your water heater.

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