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Air Conditioning Installation Services in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC

Professional replacement and installation of central air conditioning systems.

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When it comes to installing a new air conditioning system at your home in the Northern Virginia area, you’re going to want the very best in professionalism and experience from your HVAC company. Whether you have a new build that needs an installation of a system or an old AC system that needs to be replaced, it will be a big job. At IAQ Medics, we have a team of trained and experienced HVAC professionals who will get your new system installed efficiently while meeting our rigorous standards for service.

A typical AC installation can take anywhere from a day to a day and a half, depending on the layout and idiosyncrasies of your home. When you call us to come out and inspect your home, we will assess the features and needs of your home and give our best suggestions on what will work best for your comfort and your budget. With recent advancements in air conditioning technology, proper assessment of your current system and your home’s cooling needs will be part of our preparations for the installation.

Professional Planning is the Key to Any AC Install Project

A precise evaluation of the installation process will be tailored to your Northern Virginia homes. Our skilled estimator will visit your home to assess your current air conditioning setup. They'll pinpoint any potential requirements for specialized equipment or considerations regarding the removal of your old AC units.

Given the larger size of modern air conditioners with their expanded coils for improved efficiency, our estimator knows what it will take to fit your new unit into the old unit’s space. He or she will note any potential ductwork adjustments, effects on electrical system capacities, and other unique features that will need the attention of our HVAC technicians who are doing the installation. Having an expert assess your home's specific layout is essential for strategizing an efficient air conditioning installation project in Northern Virginia.

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Preparing for Your New AC Installation is Key to Success

On the big day, when our installation team arrives at your home, they'll have a complete inventory of the equipment slated for your installation and detailed instructions based on the estimator’s appraisal. While our technicians are onsite, they will keep you informed throughout the installation on what they are doing and how it’s going. As always, we believe in prioritizing the protection of your home; this includes laying down floor coverings, protecting furniture, wearing protective coverings overshoes, and any other precautions that need to be taken. We not only protect you and your property, but we make certain that other potential hazards are mitigated by taking precautions concerning gas lines, electricity, and hazardous waste disposal.

Removing and Disposing of the Previous Air Conditioning Equipment

We adhere to the HVAC industry’s best practices when removing the old air conditioning system. We are always prioritizing the safety of you and our technicians, as well as the safety of the environment. Our process includes compliant removal of refrigerant in accordance with strict EPA standards. We’ll also deal with the removal and disposal of the old disconnect box and dispose of the flexible electrical conduit before replacing it. Once these components are successfully removed, we can begin extracting the old system for proper disposal and prepare the outdoor and indoor areas for the installation of your new air conditioning system.

Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit’s Foundation

When placing the outdoor unit, it's important to place it on a foundation that will be stable for the many years that your new unit will be working to keep your home cool.  An unstable foundation can affect the overall performance of your outdoor unit if it’s off balance or exposed to elements that can interfere with its operation. Our team of HVAC technicians is experienced in checking or creating durable, level bases that will help keep your unit solidly in place. Now, with modern air conditioning units coming in larger dimensions, it’s important to ensure that it will fit the foundation.

AC Foundation Placement

We can help with your AC, heating, and plumbing needs

You can count on IAQ Medics for fast, effective, and well-priced solutions tailored to your needs.

Installing the Indoor AC Units and Getting It All Connected

Once the outdoor unit is in place, we will head indoors to connect the indoor equipment. Usually, we will get everything connected to your furnace and blowing unit. If it makes sense, we’ll also install a new line set. Our technicians are trained to pay attention to the important details when it comes to ensuring tight seals that will eliminate any potential contaminants in the lines. Once the connections to the various parts are in place, we’ll install a new disconnect. More testing is done to check the electrical system is functioning with the components in the unit and your home climate control system. An inspection of the wiring with special attention to environmental elements that might damage the electrical wiring will prevent future outages. When all the items on our extensive installation checklist are done, we move on to pressurize the new AC system.

Our Commissioning Process and Cycling Testing Before We Clean Up and Leave

At IAQ Medics, we take pride in our meticulous testing and measurement procedures, ensuring that every air conditioning system we install in Northern Virginia reflects our HVAC company’s professionalism and expertise. Our rigorous commissioning process involves documenting essential benchmark information. This data will provide a ready reference for our future visits for warranty requirements. Proper commissioning work will help us fine-tune your system during our maintenance visits. Lastly, we clean up the evidence of our work, leaving you in the comfort of cool air from your new AC system.

Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Visits Will Help You Get the Most From Your System

As those warmer days of spring and summer approach, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by having us come out to your home in Northern Virginia to perform a yearly maintenance inspection and tune-up. This is a great way to make sure your system is operating at its top-level performance before the season begins. Ask us about our maintenance plans for your new air conditioning system. It’ll give you peace of mind that your AC system is ready for hot weather.

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