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Ductless Services for Northern Virginia & Washington, DC Area

Ductless systems are a wise choice for efficient home cooling & heating.

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Ductless mini-split systems are gaining popularity in places like Northern Virginia because they can heat and cool a living space without a complete duct system. Their versatility includes the ability to supplement existing HVAC systems or provide a comfortable living environment for an outbuilding, workshop, or garage.

Widely used around the world, ductless mini-split systems have been the main source of indoor comfort in a wide variety of climates and conditions.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation Services in Northern Virginia

Before starting our installation of a ductless mini-split system in your Northern Virginia home, we conduct a thorough assessment of the proposed location. This evaluation helps us determine the optimal placement for both the indoor and outdoor units. We’re also considering the various factors involved in the installation, such as aesthetics, best placement for performance, and accessibility to power sources. Once the ideal locations are identified, our team of skilled technicians will arrive on installation day at the scheduled time equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment for the job. A typical installation process can take anywhere from one to a couple of days, depending on the project's complexity. If you're upgrading from an existing ductless system, we also offer removal and proper disposal services before installing the new system in your home or other building.

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Call Us for Ductless Mini-Split Repair Services

Northern Virginia homeowners can rely on their ductless system to provide reliable cooling and heating for many years. Typically, you can expect your indoor and outdoor units to cool and heat for 10 to 15 years. However, over time, your system may encounter issues due to heavy usage, lack of maintenance, or damage from exposure to the elements—especially with the outdoor unit. If your ductless mini-split system is struggling to maintain comfortable temperatures or isn’t working at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us to come to your place to look at it. Our experienced HVAC technicians specialize in diagnosing and fixing anything preventing your system from cooling or heating your living space.

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Extend the Life of Your Ductless Mini-Split With a Maintenance Plan

Getting optimal performance and durability from your ductless mini-split system is the main reason for having an annual maintenance visit. Our maintenance visits include cleaning the indoor and outdoor units and removing any dust and debris that could clog the system and hurt efficiency. This is particularly important for the outdoor unit, which is exposed to a wide variety of natural elements and weather here in Northern Virginia. Additionally, we conduct a thorough inspection of the lines to see if there are any refrigerant leaks or potential problems with damage. We check for worn parts and damaged components and replace clogged air filters to ensure clean air circulation. With regular maintenance and tune-ups, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your ductless system by many years and maximize its energy efficiency.

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A Ductless Mini-Split System Might Be Your Answer

If you have a problem room, built an addition, or have an outbuilding, then a ductless mini-split system could give you the indoor comfort you need. You don’t have to install any ductwork; it can be placed inconspicuously in the area and provide cooling and hearing year-round. Call us to find out more.

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