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Enhance Your Furnace's Performance with Professional Maintenance Services

What Does a Furnace Technician Do During a Maintenance Visit?

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Regular maintenance from our team of heating technicians can significantly improve a furnace's reliability and efficiency. Routine maintenance not only extends the life of your furnace but also reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and emergency calls during the cold months. Scheduling a tune-up in late summer or early fall ensures your furnace is ready for winter, providing peace of mind.

When we arrive at your home in the Northern Virginia area, we have the tools and equipment we need to do the job. We will start with a quick interview to find out if you have any questions or concerns about your system and its performance. This will help us tune your furnace to meet your desired home comfort. Then, we’ll start our maintenance checklist with a visual inspection. 

Using Our Years of Experience to Visually Inspect Your System

With our extensive experience, we can often identify potential issues by visually inspecting your furnace components, such as cracks, loose connections, dirt, debris, or damage that could affect functionality or safety. We also check for dirt or debris around the furnace; if we find any, it might indicate that your furnace is having airflow problems. We are also looking for signs of any visible damage by the elements or animals that could affect the overall functionality or safety of your furnace.

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Checking the Function and Wear on Specific Heating Components

We examine the burners for cracks or rust that could impact combustion, as well as the heat exchanger for excessive soot buildup that can reduce heat transfer efficiency. If your furnace has a pilot light, we ensure proper gas flow and ignition. We also inspect the venting and air filters to confirm clear airflow for both circulation and venting purposes.

Your furnace's flame sensor and ignition system are crucial for proper operation, responding to signals from your thermostat. We test the shut-off valves to ensure they can stop gas flow in emergencies or during repairs.

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Performing a Combustion Analysis for Proper Ignition and Sustained Heat

Our maintenance includes analyzing the combustion process for efficiency and safety. We check gas pressure to ensure it is within the correct range for heating and assess flame characteristics to detect potential airflow or burner blockages. We also inspect for soot accumulation and sometimes test exhaust gasses for oxygen and carbon monoxide levels.

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Keeping Your Furnace Running Smoothly: Cleaning, Lubrication & Filter Replacement

If our visual inspection and combustion analysis are completed to our satisfaction, we proceed to clean the burners, heat exchanger, and flue to remove soot and dust buildup. This will improve the stability and efficiency of the heat you get from your furnace. We lubricate moving parts, like blower motors, for smooth, quiet operation while running. Finally, we make sure you have a clean air filter in place (if applicable to your furnace) that will ensure your furnace is breathing fresh air. We also check to make sure that the venting is not blocked or has any leaks. 

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Safety Checks and System Tuning

We perform a thorough safety check to ensure all features meet our high standards for safety and performance, including leak detection, proper ventilation, and functioning shut-off valves. We then fine-tune the system for maximum heat output with minimal fuel consumption. Before leaving, we inform you of any unusual findings, clean up our work area, and ensure everything is in top condition.

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After Furnace Maintenance Service, Your Heating System is Ready for Winter

Regular maintenance from our technicians results in better furnace performance and fuel efficiency. Your family will enjoy consistent warmth, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your system is operating safely throughout the winter in the Northern Virginia area.

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