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Expert Gas Furnace Repair Keeps Your Northern Virginia Homes Warm

Don't endure a chilly winter day with a faulty furnace.

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Bracing yourself for another frigid Northern Virginia winter? Don't risk a malfunctioning furnace leaving you in the cold! If your furnace is acting up – irregular cycling, blowing cold air, strange smells, or a complete shutdown – call IAQ Medics for immediate service.

Our 24/7 emergency response ensures we'll get your heat back on fast, keeping your family warm and comfortable all season long.

Expert Troubleshooting to Diagnose Your Gas Furnace

When we arrive at your home, we will initiate a thorough troubleshooting process that includes getting information from you about the problems you’re experiencing. Through expert visual inspections and modern diagnostic testing tools, we will identify the underlying cause of your furnace issues. One of our troubleshooting processes includes checking the cleanliness of the air filter (if your furnace has one). Then, we proceed with an inspection of the other critical components of your furnace, such as the ignition system, flame sensor, thermocouple, and gas valves.

Our comprehensive evaluation also includes testing the functionality of the heating system’s control board and thermostat communications. Visual inspections and testing of the blower motor and inducer motor, along with multimeter testing for motor windings, enable us to pinpoint if the issue involves these key components. With our extensive experience and training in gas furnace troubleshooting, we will efficiently diagnose the problem and determine what we need to fix it.

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Efficient Furnace Repairs to Get Your Heat Back On

A malfunctioning furnace can be particularly frustrating during one of our typical winter cold snaps or ice storms in North Virginia. We want to get your home warm again as soon as possible. So, once the problem is diagnosed, we promptly commence the repair work to restore your heat. Whether the issue lies with the ignition system, cycling irregularities, or motor malfunctions, we address the problem swiftly and effectively.

In cases involving the inducer or blower motor, we handle faulty capacitors, apply lubrication, and replace any defective components as needed. Additionally, we inspect and clear any blocked heating ducts or venting to optimize furnace performance and indoor air quality. Getting your heat back on as soon as possible is our first priority.

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Final Checks to Make Sure You Have Flowing Warm Air

When we have fixed the problem with your furnace, we’ll double-check everything so we know that your heating system is operating at peak performance. We verify a smooth startup and shutdown sequence, inspect for any gas leaks or unusual odors, and measure proper airflow and efficient venting. We also ensure your thermostat or home comfort system provides the necessary control and information to allow you the ability to adjust your home’s warmth to fit your needs.

We conduct a final complete heating cycle test before we are completely satisfied with your system's operation. Before we go, we provide any maintenance tips you can do to keep things running. Finally, we clean up our work area, leaving you to enjoy the cozy warmth of your home.

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A Furnace Maintenance Plan Will Save You Money and Worry

Regular maintenance on your furnace is a good way to avoid emergency visits and keep your furnace operating efficiently throughout the winter months in Virginia. We have reasonable maintenance plans available. 

Don’t wait to call; we can help you get your heat back on!

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