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Air Conditioning System Maintenance in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC

Avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns with yearly AC tune-ups.

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Regularly scheduled tune-ups are essential for maintaining the smooth and efficient operation of your AC system.

This translates into several benefits, such as lower overall energy bills due to reduced energy use; you’ll have fewer breakdowns because minor issues can be detected and resolved early on, and you have the peace of mind that you’ll be comfortable throughout the hot summer months in Northern Virginia. Our technicians dedicate approximately 1-2 hours while conducting a thorough tune-up, ensuring your AC is prepared to work for you during the hottest days. 

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Our trained HVAC technicians will inspect your entire system

Interior System AC Unit Maintenance

Checking and replacing the air filter

We inspect your air filters during every maintenance visit because of how important a clean filter is for the operation of your AC system. Clean filters improve your indoor air quality and help your air conditioning system run smoother and last longer because it doesn’t have to work as hard as it does with a dirty filter. It’s a simple way for you to save money on energy and extend the life of your AC System.

Checking your capacitors

We inspect the capacitors within your indoor system, starting with a visual inspection. A trained technician will often spot a potential capacitor problem by knowing what to look for. Additionally, we will use our diagnostic tools to assess the overall health of your capacitors and suggest a replacement if necessary to avoid future service calls.

Air handler evaluation and inspection

The air handler plays a crucial role in facilitating airflow throughout your home. We thoroughly inspect the belts, fans, and electrical connections to ensure everything is functioning properly to move cooling air through your home.

Inspecting the condensate pump and drain pan

When cold components and warm air collide, you get condensation. Part of our inspection process includes an examination of the AC system’s condensate pump and drain pan. We make sure they are doing their job and administer safe chemicals to maintain water cleanliness and prevent buildup.

Clearing the drain line

Because of their location outside, coils can gather dirt, dust, leaves, and cobwebs over the course of a year. (Some homes can get a lot of dust here in Texas.) We will clean the insides of the compressor from debris and then wash the coils thoroughly to remove any material that might affect your AC system’s ability to cool your home.

Check fan unit operation

Drain lines are a way to manage the moisture created by an AC system. We ensure it is draining properly and blow it out if we feel like there might be some clogs in the line. This will prevent potential water damage from leaks.

Inspecting and Tuning Your Outdoor AC Unit

Inspecting refrigerant levels and signs of leaks

During our maintenance visit, we'll chat with you about how well your AC is keeping you comfortable. If you're happy with the overall cooling power, we'll continue our standard checks. However, if you’re not getting the cool air you’re used to getting, we'll take a closer look at your refrigerant levels and inspect for leaks. Low refrigerant levels can make your system work harder and less efficiently. If we find any refrigerant-related problems, we'll recommend solutions to get your cool air flowing smoothly again – fast!

Check the outdoor fan unit’s operation

Occasionally, the fan in your outdoor AC unit can be thrown out of balance, resulting in a slight wobbling and potentially generating unwanted noise over time. When we do our inspection, we ensure we don’t see any signs of wobbling and that the fan turns smoothly and evenly.  If there are any issues, we can recommend a way to fix them.

Testing the AC contactor

The contactor functions as an electrical switch that triggers the activation of the compressor and fan within your outdoor unit. Multiple factors, including age, usage, and exposure to environmental elements, can lead to various issues with the contactor. We perform comprehensive testing using a multimeter to ensure the contactor performs its job.

Visually checking and testing the outdoor capacitors

A visual examination of a capacitor may be enough to uncover a potential issue. Signs such as leakage or bulging are clear indications that a replacement is needed. However, not all faulty capacitors exhibit visible signs of problems. So, we will use a multimeter to test whether it is still operating at acceptable levels. Our goal is to ensure that every capacitor in your system meets its designated electrical specifications.

Powering up the AC unit

When your thermostat activates your AC system, it uses significant power to initiate the process of cooling your home. Utilizing a voltage meter or multimeter to measure the power draw during a typical startup allows us to gather valuable insights into the operation of your AC system. These diagnostic findings can also uncover potential issues related to refrigerant levels, wiring, tubing, and the overall cleanliness of your system.

Making sure your compressor’s coils are clean from dirt and debris

Northern Virginia has so much vegetation and leaves that they can get into your compressors' coils and make them dirty or clogged. We’ll inspect your situation and make sure that everything is clean and operating at optimal performance. Clean coils will cool faster and more efficiently.

Learn more about our AC maintenance plans

In Northern Virginia, where summers can be sweltering and humid, ensuring your AC unit's longevity and peak performance will make a big difference in your comfort and home budget. Our maintenance plans are designed to help prevent costly repairs and keep your AC running smoothly, ensuring you enjoy cool and comfortable summers for years to come. Schedule an inspection today to safeguard your comfort and this investment in your home.

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