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Furnace Installation Services in Northern Virginia & DC

Get fuel efficient heating this winter with a new furnace.

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Is your furnace not working as well as it used to? Or even stopped working altogether? These things tend to happen on the coldest days of the year here in Northern Virginia. Luckily, we can help you by providing you with a brand-new furnace to replace your broken one.

We’ve been in the Northern Virginia area, helping our customers with replacement gas furnaces for over 15 years. If you need to replace yours, now is an ideal time to get the work done.

How Much Furnace Power Does Your Home Need?

When you reach out to us for gas furnace services at your Northern Virginia residence, our expert team will start their work by conducting a comprehensive heating assessment. We will consider all the various factors relevant to your home’s specific heating needs. We consider everything that can impact your home’s ability to distribute and hold heat. This includes where your home is located, how many doors and windows you have, and when you will most likely need heat flowing evenly through your home.  Drawing upon our extensive HVAC experience in the industry and the Northern Virginia area, we'll provide tailored recommendations for your new heating system. Based on our analysis of the British Thermal Units (BTU) required, we'll offer equipment options designed to efficiently warm your house for years to come. A furnace that's too small may struggle to maintain warmth, while an oversized one can compromise efficiency and lifespan. Our goal is to ensure you find the perfect fit for your home.

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Removing Your Old Furnace and Installing Your New Furnace

We’ll safely remove your old furnace and start clearing the way for your new one. Most furnaces we replace have different dimensions from the new, higher efficiency furnaces. Our furnace technicians will know before they arrive if adjustments need to be made to the connections. We’ll be prepared for most contingencies when fitting your new furnace snugly in place and tightly connected to the existing ductwork system. If you are replacing a natural gas furnace, we’ll get it hooked up to your natural gas line using high safety standards. After your furnace is placed and connected to the ductwork, we’ll do the necessary electrical system work to get it powered. With a combination of our experience and technical expertise, your furnace will start producing heat to warm your home within a day or two. We’ll ensure we meet all the local codes and regulations while ensuring your home comfort preferences are accommodated by your new furnace.

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Testing the System and Benchmarking Its Heating Performance

Once the furnace is operating, we inspect and test the whole system. We’ll check for gas leaks, proper ignition system operation, thermostat calibrations, and check that the hot air flow is distributed evenly throughout the house. If we install a new thermostat, we’ll ensure that it’s working correctly and that you are comfortable with its overall operation.

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Communicating to Our Clients About Their New Heating System

After our HVAC professionals confirm that the system is running efficiently and safely, we will talk to you about the operation and maintenance of your new heating system. If it needs a filter, we’ll let you know how often it needs to be changed to run efficiently. We’ll also inform you about any other routine maintenance you can do that will keep your system running smoothly during the cold days of winter. Lastly, we’ll clean up after ourselves so thoroughly you’ll never know we were there, except for that warm flow of air you’ll enjoy this winter.

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Ask Us Back for Yearly Furnace Maintenance

We’d love to come out and help you maintain your system with a yearly tune-up and inspection. It’s a smart way to ensure your new system runs optimally. We can spot potential problems before they become bigger issues and help extend the life of your new gas furnace system. Take a look at our convenient maintenance plans and have us come back regularly to save money and prevent surprises.  Call us now and get your new furnace installed!

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