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Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Northern Virginia and DC Area

Comprehensive maintenance inspection and tune-up.

Heat Pump - Replacing

Regular maintenance for your heat pump system, performed by our skilled HVAC technicians in Northern Virginia, provides numerous benefits. While heat pumps are known for their reliability and versatility, they require consistent care to maintain optimal performance and extend their lifespan. Having an annual maintenance visit by IAQ Medics will help reduce any unexpected repair calls, especially on the coldest or hottest days of the year.

As part of our maintenance plan, we’ll schedule a visit to your home at a convenient time. A heat pump tune-up visit usually takes 1-2 hours. Please ensure that any items obstructing access to your indoor and outdoor units are moved beforehand. We’ll begin with a few questions about your system’s overall performance, asking you about any unusual noises, leaks, or odd smells. Your feedback helps us address any specific concerns you might have during the tune-up. We will know or find out what make and model of heat pump you have so that we have the right tools and equipment to do the job. 

Getting an Overview With a Visual Inspection

Our highly qualified HVAC technicians at IAQ Medics will generally start with a thorough visual inspection of your entire heat pump system, indoors and outdoors. They will check for leaks, debris, airflow obstructions, the condition of the unit casings, wiring, and other electrical components. With their years of experience working with common heat pump issues, they will assess the condition of your system to help them tune it up. 

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Checking your heat pump’s refrigerant levels

The effectiveness of your heat pump in heating and cooling your home is primarily because of the refrigerant’s unique thermodynamic properties. Part of our work is to check the refrigerant levels and replenish them if necessary. Our technicians are trained to handle refrigerant safely and ensure it’s at the optimal level for your system’s performance. Running a heat pump with low refrigerant forces your heat pump to work harder than needed. Keeping it filled will reduce wear and tear on the whole system. 

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils

The evaporator and condenser coils are essential for heating and cooling your home. We use professional tools and techniques to ensure they are clean and free from debris, which enhances their efficiency and reduces system strain.

Condensate drain and drain line clearing

Condensation occurs when warm air contacts cold surfaces. Your system is designed to drain this condensation safely away from your home. We check and clear the drain line to prevent clogs that could cause water backup and damage.

Replacing or cleaning heat pump air filters

Air filters play a crucial role in your heat pump’s efficiency by removing dust and pollutants before the air gets to your equipment and into your indoor air. Depending on your heat pump’s make and model, we either clean or replace the air filters. Having clean air filters is a simple but essential way to enhance your system’s performance and longevity.

Electrical System and Performance Checks

Your heat pump's connection to the power source is checked to ensure no signs of damage or wear in the electrical wiring or components. We also perform a series of performance checks to verify your heat pump meets our high standards. These tests assess airflow, temperature control accuracy, and proper electrical component function. We lubricate any noisy parts and check for leaks. Our goal is to have your heat pump operating at peak performance for the season ahead.

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Cleaning Up and Communicating What We Did for Your Heat Pump

After we finish working on your heat pump, we clean up and inform you of the work that was done. We’ll also let you know if we see any potential issues that might need to be addressed before we come back for your next maintenance appointment. We’ll provide tips for easy maintenance tasks you can perform. Once we leave, your heat pump system will be ready to handle any weather Northern Virginia throws at it. Call now to find out more about our heat pump maintenance plans!

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