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Why is My AC System Not Dehumidifying My Home?

Posted on 07.01.2024 in

Causes and Solutions for Home Humidity Problems

Air conditioning is very important in the Northern Virginia area since it can get really humid from late spring to early fall. Smart homeowners are making sure their cooling systems are ready to go for the entire summer. As you start your unit back up after a long season of non-use, you may find that it needs professional AC repair. This is going to be more likely if you didn’t schedule timely AC tune-ups in the past.

At IAQ Medics, one common AC problem we often hear from our customers is that their units are NOT dehumidifying their homes properly. As you may already know, your air conditioner dehumidifies the air as part of its normal operation. Having dry air can help you feel cooler, improve air quality, and reduce mold. However, if you think your unit is not properly dehumidifying, it’s likely your air conditioning system has a serious operational problem.

Why is My AC System Not Dehumidifying My Home?

Possible Causes for Your AC System to Not Dehumidify


If you have a low refrigerant charge, it’s possible that your AC system will not properly dehumidify the air. When we talk about inadequate refrigerant charge, the “charge” refers to the level of refrigerant that circulates through your unit’s compressor pump, evaporator, and condenser. There are a few reasons that might cause your refrigerant level to drop. If it’s a leak, it needs to be fixed right away. Your AC system must have the correct amount of refrigerant at all times.


If your AC system does not dehumidify the air and also frequently turns on and off, it is probably too large for your home. What happens is that a high-powered system cools the air at such a fast rate that the air does not spend enough time moving over the evaporator coil to be dehumidified. After your thermostat shuts off  because your home has reached the desired temperature, there is still a lot of humidity left in the air. You can offset this by switching your fan to “On’ instead of “Auto” to circulate the air longer. Another solution is a whole house dehumidifier that is dedicated to drying your air. 


One of the best ways to prevent damage to your air conditioning system is to ensure that all of its components are clean and clear of any dust, dirt and debris. If your coils are covered in dust, you cannot expect it to work efficiently, and one of the possible outcomes is a lack of dehumidification. Having your AC systems cleaned during an annual maintenance service can solve any dirt related issues.

Reducing Humidity is Essential to Home Comfort

The humidity here in Northern Virginia is just too high and oppressive to have an air conditioning system that doesn’t deal with it properly. Let us help you find a solution to your home’s humidity problem. Give us a call to come out and see what we can do for you.

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