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Experience the benefits of Smart Home innovation with IAQ Medics new Smart Home package! Now included with our Home Comfort Performance Plan, our easy-to-install kit and app enables you to connect your thermostat to your mobile phone, so you can control and monitor your HVAC systems from anywhere.

If you live in Northern Virginia - Fairfax, Loudoun, Stafford, or Prince William counties - getting your Smart Home started is easier than you think!

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Jump-Start Your Smart Home for Free!

Our Connected+Protected Air Essentials “smart home” kit includes everything you need to control your home heating and cooling system remotely. Setting up your smart home is a breeze - IAQ Medics will install it, explain how everything works, and help you activate your personal portal account.

And, with the built in monitoring and alert features, IAQ Medics will also receive your home alerts to quickly help you address issues before they become more serious problems. Want to learn more about getting your smart home started? Call us today!

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What’s Included in Your Smart Home Essentials Kit

Our Connected+Protected Air Essentials kit comes with:

  • 1 Hub - self-connecting cellular hub links all your Smart Home devices to the mobile app and monitoring services - no WiFi needed
  • 1 Smart Thermostat - to remotely control & monitor your home temperature using the mobile app
  • 1 Water Sensor - to detect and immediately notify you of water leaks
  • 1 Lighting Smart Plug (BONUS!)- to control lighting remotely and create automated on-off schedules

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Why Choose IAQ Medics as Your Smart Home Partner?

Our Connected+Protected Air Essentials Smart Home kit is powered by Building36, a national leader in smart home technology. Our Smart Home package is designed to give you freedom and control, but when something goes wrong, you have the right team in place to get the problem fixed - fast!

With the built-in remote monitoring and system alerts, our HVAC experts at IAQ Medics can quickly assess your heating, cooling or water leak issues in real-time and offer you immediate solutions.

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Smart Home Add-Ons

Smart Home Valve & Meter

Automatically closes your home’s main water valve to prevent damage when a leak is detected.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Siren and mobile app alerts, automatically shuts off your HVAC system to prevent CO from being produced or distributed.

Additional Smart Thermostats

Control multi-zoned HVAC systems.

Additional Water Sensors

Monitor more areas where potential leaks might occur.

Additional Smart Plugs

More lighting control throughout your home.

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